Why Klaviyo Is The Best eCommerce Email Marketing Software

Nihal Hassan
Why Klaviyo Is The Best eCommerce Email Marketing Software

We have already established that email marketing is one of the most profitable channels for an eCommerce store. But email marketing becomes effective only when we have the right strategies and software in place. Choosing an email marketing software is an easy task if your only motive is to periodically send bulk newsletters. There are tons of service providers out there for this. But what we need for an online store is an email marketing automation software.

Must-have features for an eCommerce email marketing software:

  • Integration with the shopping website
  • A central subscriber list with tags, events and associated attributes (CRM)
  • Website event tracking
  • Automation abilities (sequences and triggered emails)
  • Personalization and audience-segmentation
  • Integration with other marketing tools
  • Send newsletters
  • Reporting

More advanced features:

  • Ad network integrations
  • Pre-built sequence templates for welcome(on boarding), abandoned cart, review requests, referrals, etc.
  • Opt-in forms and landing pages
  • Drag and drop email designer
  • A/B testing ability
  • Custom event tracking

Marketing automation software have most of the above features plus some add on functionality specific to an industry or a group of customers. For example, ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing software built for creators (bloggers, instructors, authors, etc.) and Hubspot is a leader in inbound marketing automation and sales, and loved by B2B companies. Drip, Sumo, Omnisend, Conversio and Klaviyo are some providers who specialize in eCommerce email marketing. There are also micro tools on the Shopify app store which lets you just send abandoned cart emails or help in managing referral and reviews. Among all the ESPs we've tried, Klaviyo is by far the best email marketing software for online stores.

How Klaviyo is better:

  • Has all the above mentioned must-have and nice-to-have features
  • Has powerful segmentation tools that can look at customer behavior on the website and on email
  • Has multiple pre-built flows(sequences) for every stage of the customer journey
  • Only eCommerce ESP with features like browse-abandonement flow, unique coupon codes and multivariate testing
  • Has a predictive algorithm that can optimize for better conversions
  • Is a breeze to setup

Klaviyo features that stand out

Advanced Segmentation

Klaviyo has a great audience management structure with one centralized list of profile and an option to create multiple segments based on tracked behavior and profile attributes.

Pre-built Flows

Being an eCommerce specialist, Klaviyo has provided multiple built-in sequences(or flows) tailored for every stage of an eCommerce customer's buying journey. You only have to make small cosmetic changes and you're ready.

In-depth Reporting

Klaviyo's deep integration tracks product sales out-of-the-box and can attribute revenue to every campaign. This takes campaign-testing to a different level.

Predictive Algorithm and Smart Sending

The Smart Sending option lets you skip subscribers who have recently received email from you. This will make you less annoying and decrease your unsubscribe-rate. Klaviyo also analyzes buying patterns at a profile level and predicts when the next order is going to be placed. This will help you time your outreach better.

Facebook Integration

You can also share your dynamic customer-segments with your Facebook ad account with its Custom Audiences integration.


The pricing seems to be the main reason why more eCommerce marketers are not adopting Klaviyo. Here's how it goes:

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers: $50/mo
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers: $200/mo
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers: $325/mo
  • Up to 25,000 subscribers: $450/mo
  • Up to 50,000 subscribers: $700/mo
  • Up to 100,000 subscribers: $1200/mo
  • Up to 150,000 subscribers: $1700/mo

At first glance, it might seem like Klaviyo is 2-4 times more expensive than other popular email marketing softwares and to some extent it is. But if you ask any Klaviyo user, they'll tell you that the suite of tools that is provided is far more sophisticated than the others and gives higher ROI, and this itself justifies the cost. Also, Klaviyo is a subscriber-centric(single centralized list) email platform which means that they are not double-charging you if a contact is present in two different lists.

Overall, Klaviyo is a great tool for eCommerce marketers who are serious about growing their stores into a big brand and we think you should give to a try. What do you think about Klaviyo? I help companies set up proper marketing automations and run more profitable Facebook ads. I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns and questions below!



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