LXMI Messenger Bot Teardown

Nihal Hassan

LXMI (pronounced luxe-me) is a skincare brand founded by Leila Janah, a self-taught skincare aficionado who spotted the potential of Nilotica while in Uganda. LXMI specializes in skin hydration and anti-aging products made from Nilotica. Nilotica is a rare type of shea butter that is underutilized as an ingredient in cosmetic products despite its superiority, due to sourcing challenges and costs. It’s also good for acne prone skin, as opposed to ingredients which can strip your skin of natural oils making your skin overproduce natural oils and leading to acne.

LXMI definitely has a unique proposition for consumers but since they are the only brand selling Nilotica based products, the onus of educating people about it also rests on their shoulders. The brand has received good press coverage from relevant publications owing to its miracle balm and social impact. The team also keeps its customers updated with a blog they call 'Dossier', via email marketing and social media. We tested LXMI's Messenger bot recently and were pretty impressed by it.

The Bot

The bot gets activated when you click on the Get Started button. The bot then gives you the option to go to the store and shop which is helpful if you are a returning customer or to continue the conversation.


The Bot continues by asking a personal question with a single call to action(reply) button - Who doesn’t?. Though the answer may be obvious, a personal question will make the potential customer think more deeply about her problem. LXMI wants its customers to be conscious about problems it can solve for them during the conversation.

What is LXMI?

LXMI then introduces the solution which is the product in a quirky way using gifs and humor-filled copy. It uses this tone throughout the conversation and we love it. The bot is not just informative and interactive, it’s also entertaining.

We have seen many brands send a paragraph in messages. This does not work well for a chat-app user interface. LXMI has done a great job with shorter sentences and splitting things up using gifs and images.

How good is it?

The bot also educates customers on how to use the product and on its various application. We read somewhere that their product is edible too!


Super-Curious customers can also learn about the science behind the product. LXMI seems to have used data to address all of their most frequently asked customer questions.

Tell me more...

Another way LXMI convinces you to try their product is by introducing the social impact angle. By buying LXMI product you are helping hundreds of marginalized women that it employs in Africa lift themselves out of poverty. It’s a win-win.

We think LXMI has one of the best top-of-the-funnel Messenger bots around. They are using Octane AI as their bot platform and have seen a 7% increase in revenue because of Messenger. We are not seeing them use Messenger for abandoned-cart and customer engagements messages. This is definitely something they can improve on.

Focus on consumer education

Most brands assume that consumers know everything about the products being sold and get straight to the 'selling' mode. A typical e-commerce bot starts by trying the get the gender information first, then the category and then the product variant. This approach works for stores selling commodities or when customers are re-ordering and is not for all. LXMI is a unique luxury skincare brand selling a rare product to a niche audience. Most of their top-of-the-funnel audience will be from press coverage, referrals, word-of-mouth, and social media. So consumers will still have questions to ask when they land on the website or on Facebook. LXMI's Messenger bot helps customers make informed decisions.



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