How a new eCommerce Store Acquired 4235 Leads in 2 Weeks of Launch!

Trilok Hebbur

Fashion Jewelry is a tough market.

Starting a new business with a limited budget in this segment in December when big brands are spending tons of money on advertising is even tougher.

Bijoux Surprise wanted to do just that!

In this in-depth case study we will share how we helped Bijoux Surprise achieve what it wanted (Well, we beat their expectations with our results!)

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  • Goals
  • Why We Chose Giveaway Contest
  • How We Structured the Giveaway
  • Preparation
  • Seed Audiences
  • Boosting the Virality
  • Results of the Giveaway
  • Post Giveaway
  • Calculating the ROI
  • Key Takeaways


Bijoux Surprise is a jewelry subscription box. Their idea is to provide high quality, trendy jewelry, personalized to one’s taste at great prices. They target customers in US and Canada. They were about to launch their service and had these goals:

  1. Acquire 2500 Leads and Start a Community (Facebook Group)
  2. Get First Few Sales
  3. Receive Feedback

Bijoux Surprise wanted to achieve these goals in 3 weeks time with a total budget of $7500


Remember in the beginning, we mentioned Bijoux Surprise wanted to launch in the month of December?

December is that time of the year when every business is spending tons of money on paid media to grab their users attention for the Christmas sales. Based on our experience, we felt it will be very difficult for a new brand to acquire a lead at a cost of $3 (2500 leads with $7500 Ad spend) in a tough segment during the most competitive month of the year. We thought of leveraging this situation to our advantage instead and suggested running a giveaway contest.

Imagine winning a large amount of Jewelry for Christmas! Wouldn’t that be exciting? All one had to do was sign-up and share the giveaway with their friends! Read further in the sections below how we structured the giveaway to achieve the goals and why it worked.


1.   It was important to grab the users attention with the giveaway. Best way to do that was with a huge prize amount.We dedicated a major pool of the budget towards the prize amount ($6000 out of$7500 budget).

2.   We wanted to attract right audience for the giveaway. As Bijoux Surprise was a fashion jewelry brand, we gave giftcards of Swarovski, Pandora and MAC along with jewelry pieces and discount coupons from Bijoux Surprise. The reason being:

          ·   As Bijoux Surprise was a new brand,jewelry from just Bijoux Surprise alone would probably have lesser perceived value than a mix of established brands such as Swarovski, Pandora and MAC.

          ·   The Jewelry Pieces from Bijoux Surprise would help customers know the quality of the jewelry they would receive if they had bought and would also help Bijoux Surprise receive feedback.

          ·   The discount coupons would give users an extra nudge to buy from Bijoux Surprise.

3.   We decided to award participants points based on the activities they complete.

          ·   Email Sign-up – The contestants had to enter the giveaway using their email. This gets them 1 point. On confirming the email, they get 10 more points.

          ·   As Bijoux Surprise was a new store,they didn’t have any social media following. We thought of using this contest to build their social media. Following Bijoux Surprise on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Pinterest would give the contestants 25 points each.

          ·   As Bijoux Surprise wanted to start a community, we thought of asking the contestants to join their Facebook group and this gets them 50 points.

          ·   We insisted Bijoux Surprise on creating a messenger bot and awarded contestants 50 points for subscribing to the bot.

          ·   We wanted contestants sharing the giveaway as much as possible. To encourage this behavior, we awarded 100 points for each new entry they generate with their referral URL.

4.   Dividing the prize amount in a way that maximizes  participation.

          ·   We expected most of the users to at least follow Bijoux Surprise on social media (25 * 4 points), join Facebook group (50 points), subscribe to messenger bot (100 points) and invite at least 1 person (100 points). These activities would give contestants 351 points. We offered a surprise prize worth $25 for getting 300 points. (It was a $25 coupon to the Bijoux Surprise store)

          ·   The rest of the prizes were based on the number of referrals one would mostly generate. It was not a random winner as most giveaways do. This ensured contestants that they could expect a solid reward for sharing the giveaway.

                    Ø   1st Prize: $100 Gift Cards of Swarovski, Pandora and MAC and $300 worth of Jewelry from Bijoux Surprise (Total $600)

                    Ø   2nd Prize: $50 Gift Cards of Swarovski, Pandora and MAC and $150 worth of Jewelry from Bijoux Surprise (Total $300)

                    Ø   3rd Prize: $25 Gift Cards of Swarovski, Pandora and MAC and $75 worth of Jewelry from Bijoux Surprise (Total$150)

                    Ø   Top 50: Jewelry Piece from Bijoux Surprise


          ·   A random winner with the same prize as 1st Prize. Here the participants would get more entries equivalent to points for completing different activities mentioned above.


We created a landing page shown below for the contest using a landing page builder (Landingi) This is where all the contestants will land for signing up into the contest. The landing page has all the contest details which we discussed above.

We created social profiles for Bijoux Surprise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We also created a Facebook group and a Manychat messenger bot.

Finding the right tool to host the giveaway contest was the most important thing. Having worked with a few of them (Sumo, Viral Loops, etc) we knew Vyper Leaderboard tool was the best suitable tool for hosting the kind of giveaway contest described above.

          ·   Best way to understand the tool is to check out a demo contest hosted by Vyper here.

          ·   After a contestant signs-up using landing page,they will be taken to the Vyper leaderboard page as shown below.

          ·  As you can see, the tool itself gamifies the whole contest. The leaderboard on the top right is the heart of the tool here.It is this leaderboard that nudges contestants to perform tasks and earn more points.

          ·   The Image also shows how contestants can get extra points by following on social media, verifying email, joining the Facebook group and subscribing to Manychat bot.

         ·   It provides contestants with a referral URL which they can share to earn extra points.

          ·   It also shows the rewards one can win, and this provides the extra nudge to complete more of the tasks.


After we set it up, it was time to start marketing the giveaway contest. We decided to explore both paid and unpaid channels to get seed audience for the contest. We also wanted to see how the audience is converting on the landing page before we scaled up.

Unpaid Channel – Relevant Facebook Groups

          ·   We thought of posting about this contest in relevant Facebook groups. For this, we made a huge list of 350+ Facebook groups shown below.

          ·   As you can see, we tabulated the number of group members and type of group (Public or closed) for each of the groups. The reason being, we cannot join multiple  Facebook groups and start posting the same content at once. If we do this, Facebook identifies the account as a bot/spam and bans the account.

          ·   It is important to a select few groups with enough members and activity and post in just them without getting banned. I will share how we used the list of remaining Facebook groups further during the contest.

Unpaid Channel – Giveaway contests/Blogs

          ·   Vyper has a made a list of giveaway blogs/contests. We posted about the giveaway on each of those blogs/groups.

          ·   If you go through the list, you will find a lot of the groups/blogs asking for a small amount ($25 to $50) to promote the giveaway at a priority. We decided not to pay them any money. We thought the blog/group owners would share our giveaway without paying as it was a big contest and it would benefit their followers. We were right, most of them shared the giveaway.

Paid Channel – Facebook Ads

          ·   We created a traffic campaign that drove traffic to giveaway landing page.

          ·   We created 1 ad set targeting women who are interested in brands like Swarovski, MAC and Pandora (the target audience of Bijoux surprise) and a daily budget of $25.

          ·   Note that it took Facebook 2 days to optimize the ads and after that, we got landing page views at 50 cents each.

          ·   Please note that the Ad account is in CAD but the audiences were mostly US so the cost per sign-up is actually < 40 cents USD.

Landing Page Optimization

          ·   We measured the number of sign-ups we were getting and it was close to 90% of landing page views. We didn’t try to optimize it further. We felt this is a good rate and tried to focus on reaching out to more people instead.



          ·   We wanted to use Instagram influencers to spread a word about the giveaway contest. As the budget was not very high, we didn’t go to big influencers. Instead, we focused on micro influencers.

          ·   We contacted influencers on relevant groups and asked them to sign-up for a form shown below

          ·  As we were already getting a sign up at 49 cents from Facebook ads, we didn’t want to shell out more on influencers. We decided to offer $20 for 100 sign-ups. Also, influencers had the chance to win the prizes as per the contest rules and use this giveaway to grow their own following.

          ·   We presented the above offer ($20 for 100 sign-ups) and asked the influencers if they wanted to work with us on this giveaway. We knew many influencers had a fixed price for a posting and we were not expecting everyone to agree.

          ·   Surprisingly, 11 out of 21 contacted influencers said a “Yes” and promoted the giveaway.

Facebook: Once the ads were optimized, we bumped the daily budget from $25 to $50 slowly.

Interacting with Contestants

          ·   We sent reminders to new contestants on how many referrals they needed to generate to stay in the top 50 (which would give them a surprise piece of jewelry). This gave them an extra nudge to invite their friends and family.

          ·   For those contestants who were already inviting and were keen on the contest, we shared the list of Facebook groups we had compiled (Remember the one we had prepared during the initial stages?).

          ·   This compiled list helped contestants join relevant groups and drive more traffic and we also didn’t risk the chance of our Facebook account getting suspended for joining  too many groups and posting the same content.

Weeding out Cheaters

          ·   As expected in any contest there were few who were trying to cheat by signing up with fake emails.

          ·   Vyper does a good job of identifying cheaters based on IP address and few other parameters. Another reason to use this tool!

          ·   We posted in the group about the cheaters and received a huge applause from the community for taking the extra care and ensuring that the contest was fair. This also helped increase trust in Bijoux Surprise as a brand.


  • Bijoux Surprise got their first few sales (few hundred $)
  • 4235 Email Leads
  • 295 Messenger Subscribers
  • 616 Facebook Group Members
  • 977 Facebook Likes
  • 673 Instagram Followers
  • 540 Pinterest Followers
  • 757 Twitter Followers



          ·   We diligently followed up with the winners of the contest and asked for a testimonial and honest reviews.

          ·   We also received a ton of user-generated content that Bijoux Surprise can share on their social media.

Affiliates: After the winners had received the products and have seen the quality, we asked if they were interested in being affiliates for Bijoux Surprise. Many of them were interested. Considering their ability to drive traffic, this was a huge added bonus.


Being a new company, Bijoux Surprise doesn’t know the LTV (Lifetime Value) of their customers yet. It’s very difficult to put an exact $ figure. We have tried our best to calculate the ROI.

  1. Revenue: They got low 4 figures of revenue which can be directly attributed to the giveaway.
  2. Leads: They acquired 4235 leads from the giveaway. Even if we assume each lead costs $2, it’s worth $8470. We are pretty sure the value of each lead is definitely more than $2. We are just being conservative here.
  3. Social Proof: Social Proof is very important in this age before someone buys from an online store. Imagine some store with zero followers, how comfortable would one be buying from that store? Of course one could use some Fiverr services to get fake followers but to get genuine 1000 followers one should shell out at least a few hundred dollars on Facebook ads. Very difficult to put an exact dollar number but let’s assume $500.
  4. Testimonials and User Generated Content: Having Testimonials and UGC helps a lot in website conversions. A lot of companies pay a $25 gift card for getting a testimonial. Bijoux Surprise got close to 20 testimonials. So we can easily value it at $500.
  5. Affiliates: We don’t have a final number yet, but I think we will have close to 20 winners who are interested in being affiliates. If we just assume a cost of $100 to get an affiliate, we are speaking a value of $2000.
  6. Vetted Influencers: The current market rate for a single post from Instagram micro influencers is $100 for 10,000 followers. There is no efficient way to identify who is a good influencer by just looking at the followers or even engagement rate. (They are many ways to get fake engagement.) The 11 Instagram influencers who promoted the giveaway had a combined following of 130,000 followers. So that is another $1300.

So summing it up, it adds up to $12,770 in addition to the low 4 figure revenue!


  • Giveaway contest is one of the quickest to launch a new Company or a new Product line.
  • It’s important to identify the right award for the contest that strikes with the target audience, otherwise, the contest will attract the wrong audience.
  • It’s important to have a prize of significant value so it piques the interest of target audience in the contest.
  • It’s important to structure the prize in a right way so it creates competition among the participants.
  • Get creative in setting up the contest and the activities the contestants have to perform.
  • Focus on top 2 or 3 relevant channels to drive seed traffic. The idea is to use virality.
  • Engage with the contestants and encourage them to drive more traffic. Help them in all possible ways and make things easy for them (such as giving a list of relevant Facebook groups)
  • Post contest, engage with all contestants and get feedback, testimonials, user-generated content, etc.
  • Recruit the winners as your brand ambassadors and affiliates.
  • Most important of all, convert the contestants to customers down the line.




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