About Us

About Us

At my previous startup – PrepMyFood, we had built an amazing solution which would solve the problem of one waiting in line while picking up food at their favorite restaurant.

Once our solution was ready, we engaged with a few marketing agencies to help us grow. After spending $$$ we saw minimal to no results.

At the same time, our competitors were growing fast 🙁

Unsure of what was happening with our agency partners, we decided to take a deeper look at their marketing efforts.

Coming from a technology background, we took an analytical and data-driven approach and analyzed a few campaigns they had run and we were appalled by what we saw.

We fired them and interviewed a few more agencies. Most of them were not up to the mark.

A few good ones were super expensive and some didn’t have sufficient bandwidth to work with us.

That’s when I saw the huge gap in the market and started Polymathic Guru.

Our Process

After reading tonnes of books, blogs, and resources related to growth, I arrived at the following Growth Pyramid.

There is no magic bullet to growth. One needs to have the right mindset and run different growth experiments. There should be a right process to conduct these experiments.

The modern growth team needs multiple skills sets. They are Psychology, Analytics, Copy Writing, Design, and Basic Programming.

Every person should be good at least 2 of them if not more and also understand the importance of other skills.

Depending on the product and the niche one is going after, the channels change. They are not constant. If one has the basic skills, picking up new channels is not a challenge.

Tips and tricks are even more short-lived. They can give a small spike in growth at times but they don’t play a significant role.


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Trilok Hebbur

BS in Computer Science + MBA.
Worked at Citrix R&D, Mindtree Research.
3X Start-up Founder.

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Divya Babu
Head of Tech

BS in Computer Science
Full Stack Developer
Worked at fortune 500 companies as well as Start-ups.

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Nihal Hassan
Head of Growth

BS in Electronics.
Full Stack Growth Marketer
Worked at multiple High-Growth Start-ups.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-02 at 10.36.40 PM
Head of Operations

BS in Computer Science
Worked at Large Tech Companies.
Experience across North America, Australia, and Asia.

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