10 ways how restaurants can leverage Messenger Bots?


  1. There are 1 billion users on FB Messenger. It’s very likely most of your customers are using Messenger
  2. Messenger bots have almost 100% open rate and 4 times higher click-through rate than emails
  3. Messenger bots are interactive.
  4. One can personalize the experience

How can restaurants use leverage messenger bots effectively?

  1. Maximize profitability

    Restaurants can use bots to attain profitability in the following ways

    1. Cutting down staffing cost – Restaurants have cut down staffing costs used for customer service, reservations, and order booking by 15-30%. 
    2. Driving up sales – Nitro Café has vouched for chatbots claiming that their orders have gone up by 20% since they started using a bot by increasing their reach.
  2. Effective customer engagement

    Messenger bots are the best way to engage the “ever-busy” Millennials whose buying behavior is characterized by online searches before they buy. Millennials always compare prices and service before they buy. Most important of all, they prefer chatting.

    Look at how this Messenger bot reaches out to its audience with attractive food visuals enticing them to order.

    Since Messenger bots are chatty and conversational, they are a virtual delight to customers who love to interact with them.


  3. Reserving a table

    No more staff needed to reserve tables. A bot will do it for you. Take a look at this.

    This table reservation facility has taken the place of a Maitre d’hôtel at most restaurants. No more confusions!

  4. Booking orders

    Ordering food now just takes a minute. Just ping the Messenger bot and it will come up with colorful menus displaying available items and also give you combo options and details on the day’s offers.

  5.  Offers and discounts

    Messenger bots play a huge role in pushing offers and discounts to the customer. Just look at what this bot does.

    This restaurant bot is not only offering you some combo options but also enticing you with promo offers. With the bot nudging you to pick any one of their deals, it’s truly hard to resist.


  6. Great for marketing and promotional campaigns

    Restaurants are in a rat race with heavy competition breathing down their necks. They have to evolve some marketing campaign or the other to push their sales. This is where Messenger bots come in handy.

    With a Messenger bot, you can be sure your audience will receive the message and open it. Messenger bots make it easy to push coupons and contests to customers evoking the maximum response from them.


  7. Ideal for tracking VIP customers and sending customized offers and messages.

    Restaurants feel it essential to keep track of VIP customers in order to provide them with special privileges to keep them happy.

    Messenger bots allow you to do just that by allowing to segregate the VIP customers, bundle them a group and target this selective audience with special offers.


  8. Promoting loyalty programs for regular customers.

    Customer loyalty is hard to find at restaurants and diners as customers have plenty of options to choose from. This is why evolving a loyalty program for your regular guests is a must for restaurants and a Messenger bot helps you to do just that.

  9. Alerts and reminders

    Restaurants can use Messenger bots to send alerts and reminders on

    1. Table reservations
    2. Takeaway offers
    3. Offer or Coupon expiry
    4. Discount deals
  10.  Instant feedback from customers

    Restaurants and diners can take instant feedback from customers on their choices and preferences like this –

    Based on this, they can save the list of preferences as favorite order history and use it next time for reordering. They can also improve upon their quality of service by seeking feedback from the customer like this.

    This helps the restaurants to understand the customer and his choices better to offer optimum service.

For restaurants, cafeterias and diners which rely on customer engagement and retention, Messenger bots are
the best bet any day.

Are you looking for a bot for your restaurant?

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