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We are a team passionate about growth. We are POLYMATHIC!
We do everything that is required for your growth

If you are just launching your store or a product, giveaways are the quickest way to grow your business. We are experts in giveaways.


Ads are the quickest way to acquire customers if done right. We are specialized in Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, Adwords and linkedin ads.


Use the power of artificial intelligence and chat interface to interact with your users. We can create a chatbot customized for your business.


Converting users into paid customers is the most important thing, otherwise you are leaving money on the table. We will analyze your users and optimize your website.

Influencer Marketing

Leveraging influencers is the smartest way to reach your target audiences. We will contact, negotiate and run a successful campaign on your behalf.

Social Media Management

It helps you engage with your current users and acquire new users organically. We will source the best content that engages your users and manage your accounts.

SEO and Content Marketing

Getting organic customers through search traffic is the most efficient way of acquiring customers organically. We will do everything required to make that happen.

Shopify Store Setup

Having a great converting store is the first step towards your success. We will build a high converting store and customize it according to your requirements.

Sustainable growth comes from understanding your best customers and how to find and acquire more of them

– Sean Ellis

why work with us?

Earlier to Polymathic Guru, at our previous start-up, we spent $$$$ in retainers with multiple agencies and saw minimal to no results. That’s when we realized the gap and started Polymathic Guru.

We are a cross functional team with expertise in Technology, Analytics, Marketing and Design.

We are not an Agency that works on retainers without producing results!


How we helped a new E-commerce Store Acquire 4235 Leads in 2 Weeks of Launch!

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